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8 Children Injured in Bus Accident in North St. Louis

KMOV news reported last week that a school bus with 14 children on board was involved in a car accident in St. Louis, Missouri. Eight of the children suffered injuries. Six children were transported to St. Louis area hospitals for treatment. The extent of their injuries was described as minor.

Car accidents involving school buses are common occurrences across the country. In general, the NTSB considers school buses safe. Advocates against seat belts on school buses argue, among other things, that school buses are “compartmentalized” for protection. This approach relies on seats that are padded and energy absorbing to protect the occupants who are “compartmentalized” between seats on the bus.

However, many personal injury attorneys in Missouri would consider the lack of seat belts to be a problem. In March of this year, ABC News highlighted the debate taking place in many states over whether school buses should be equiped with seat belts. The article pointed out that only 6 states have passed legislation dealing with seat belts on school buses. The article mentions the irony in requiring that the school bus driver wear a seat belt while all of the children go seat belt free on the bus.

Missouri does not require seat belts on school buses. It was, however, a Missouri school bus accident earlier this year on Interstate 44 that reignited the debate over whether seat belts should be required on school buses. In that accident, several students were injured and killed when their school bus was involved in a wreck with a tractor-trailer and pick-up truck.

Most Missouri accident lawyers would welcome the enhanced safety that school bus seat belts would provide to students traveling within this state.

Bus Accident Injures 8 Students in North St. Louis,, November 17, 2010

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