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Avoiding Child Pedestrian Accidents this Halloween

Children in St. Louis and surrounding areas get understandably excited on Halloween. The problem is that there also are many cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles on Missouri roadways on Halloween night. Pedestrian accidents are always bad, but when they are child pedestrian accidents, they are especially tragic. Missouri drivers always need to keep a watchful eye for tiny pedestrians and bicycle riders, but even more so on Halloween. As a St. Louis personal injury lawyer, I am always on the lookout for suggestions to make our roadways safer for young people. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety offered several tips for Missouri drivers:

  • Stay alert. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is likely to increase in many neighborhoods and suburban areas.
  • Stop, look, and listen at intersections and anywhere there are parked cars – because the kids often are not doing so.
  • Make sure your own trick-or-treaters are wearing bright, reflective clothing that will be visible even in low light.

Halloween is meant to be a purely fun holiday and the joy that young ones exhibit on a day where they can become any character they want and get sugary treats on top of it all is second to none. Keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will help protect against child pedestrian accidents and keep our young citizens safe on a night that should be fun-filled and worry-free.

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