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Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries. As motorcycle riders in Missouri know all too well, car and truck drivers frequently will not give a motorcycle rider the same respect they give drivers of other vehicles. Motorcyclists have the same legal right as other licensed drivers to operate on the highways and roadways of Missouri.

St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer John M. Cichelero has experience handling cases in which motorcycle riders, including passengers, have been injured. No Fee if No Recovery. If you would like a free consultation, please call 314-205-2886.


When that legal right is not respected, motorcycle riders and occupants can suffer terrible injuries at the hands of a negligent driver. A negligent motor vehicle driver who causes serious injury to a motorcycle rider or occupant must be held accountable for the damages and harm their actions have caused. Missouri motorcycle accident attorney John M. Cichelero has assisted numerous injured motorcycle riders and has fought to obtain the compensation they deserve for injuries sustained at the hands of drivers who did not respect their right-of-way.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accidents account for 95% of all transportation fatalities and 99% of all transportation injuries. While 20% of passenger vehicle crashes result in injury or death, 80% of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. Motorcycle riders are 32 times more likely to die in an accident than automobile occupants are, and six times more likely to be injured. For more information and statistics on motorcycle accidents, go to this document.


Most collisions involving motorcycles occur as frontal collisions as opposed to rear-end collisions. More than half of all motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers entering a rider’s right-of-way. This includes vehicles that turn left in front of the motorcycle as well as vehicles that pull into a rider’s lane from a side street. Some drivers will even look directly at a motorcycle and still claim they did not see it. The State of Missouri, through the Department of Revenue, publishes a Motorcycle Operator Manual. This Manual contains important information on how to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle. The Manual can be found at


St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer John M. Cichelero knows that you as a rider cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road. However, motorcycle riders within Missouri can take advantage of the State’s Motorcycle Safety Program. The program has helpful advice and information for both novice and experienced riders on how to reduce the chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident. This information can be found at The website also provides information on where to find a motorcycle rider training location.


Having represented victims of the roadway for nearly 25 years each, St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer John M. Cichelero knows that there may be a silent bias of some jurors towards motorcycle riders and their occupants. He knows that trying a case to a jury with a client who was injured on a motorcycle can present special challenges. Many people have preconceived ideas that motorcycles are somehow more dangerous than cars or even trucks. Others feel that simply by riding on a motorcycle, the occupant has assumed more risk of injury. These misplaced biases must be directly addressed with the jury and, if some biases are too strong, then that juror will be removed at the request of your lawyer.


The Missouri state legislature recently enacted a law that should help Missouri personal injury attorneys obtain fair and impartial trials for injured motorcycle riders. The law provides that it is not comparative negligence simply to be using a motorcycle. Section 537.055 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri states that in any action to recover damages arising out of the operation of a motor vehicle, the fact that one of the parties was operating a motorcycle shall not be considered evidence of comparative negligence. Riders and occupants of motorcycles involved in accidents deserve to be treated in the same manner as occupants or drivers of cars or trucks injured in accidents. St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer John M. Cichelero will fight hard for you or your loved ones for full and fair compensation if you have been injured in a Missouri motorcycle accident.


If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact attorney John M. Cichelero for a free consultation. Your claim will be handled on a No Fee if No Recovery basis. If you would like to discuss your claim with Mr. Cichelero, please email or call 314-205-2886. He handles cases in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Francois County, Franklin County, Washington County, Lincoln County, Madison County, Kansas City, Jackson County, Greene County and any other county or city within Missouri. He also represents clients in parts of Illinois, such as Granite City, Collinsville, Alton, Fairmont City, Edwardsville, Belleville, Shiloh, O’Fallon, and Fairview Heights.

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