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Medication Injuries


Medication errors by pharmacies can cause severe illness or even a tragic wrongful death for those taking the prescribed drug. With the number of individuals taking prescriptions, the risks are great. When you or a loved one suffers injury because of receiving the wrong medication from a pharmacy, hiring the right lawyer who is experienced in Missouri medication injuries is important.

There has been an increased number of commercials advertising all sorts of new drugs for a wide range of potential ailments. Because of this, and because of the sheer number of new drugs on the market, the volume of business that most pharmacies do has increased substantially. As a result, many licensed pharmacists are generally overworked. Consequently, these professionals sometimes miss instructions or even mislabel prescribed drugs for a customer. This high volume also forces many pharmacies to rely increasingly on the pharmacy technicians to handle certain duties with an order. A lack of trained experience in the chain of the prescription order can result in errors.

St. Louis attorney John M. Cichelero understands that the wrong prescribed medicine or the right drug in the wrong dosage can cause you or your family serious injury. If you or a friend or loved one has been harmed or even killed by a Missouri drug injury, please contact attorney John M. Cichelero for a free and confidential consultation. Time is of the essence. Often it is very important for your St. Louis drug injury attorney to take immediate steps to preserve evidence and begin the investigation. Human error in the prescribing or distribution of these drugs can cause serious harm and injury. Those injuries deserve fair and just compensation.


All medication injury claims are handled by attorney John M. Cichelero on a No Fee if No Recovery basis. If you would like to discuss your claim with Mr. Cichelero, please e-mail him directly, or call 314-205-2886 for a free consultation. He handles cases in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Francois County, Franklin County, Washington County, Lincoln County, Madison County, Kansas City, Jackson County, Greene County and any other county or city within the state of Missouri. He also represents clients in parts of Illinois, including Granite City, Alton, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Fairmont City, Fairview Heights, Belleville, Shiloh, O’Fallon, and East St. Louis.

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