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Category Archive: Dram Shop Liability

  1. Drunk Drivers Endanger Missouri Travelers

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    The holidays soon will be upon us, bringing with them cheer, goodwill, and festive gatherings across Missouri and Illinois.  Many of those gatherings will involve alcohol and, unfortunately, will be followed by car accidents with drunk drivers that could have been avoided.  That is why the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety has initiated its December Impaired Driving Enforcement Campaign, which begins on December 18, 2015.  The campaign’s purpose is to remind drivers in Missouri to make responsible choices while celebrating with alcohol.  Drivers should know that law enforcement activity will increase between December 18 – January 3, and that includes sobriety checkpoints.  As stated by the Campaign, if you’re planning a special celebration for the holidays, think first about a safe and sober ride home.

    Holiday safety advertising in restaurants and bars across Missouri will serve as reminders of the importance of choosing a completely sober ride such as a taxi.  Both Illinois and Missouri have laws that allow establishments such as bars and restaurants to be held liable in some drunk driving accident cases if the establishment served the drunk driver the alcohol.  These laws, called dram shop laws, can help the victims or the families of the drunk driving victims obtain fair and just compensation for the negligent acts of such establishments.  Making such a claim can be difficult, though, and often requires the assistance of an experienced accident lawyer.

    Drunk driving is a huge problem in the United States.  Drunk Drivers endanger Missouri Travelers.  As a personal injury attorney in the St. Louis area, I am deeply concerned about the fact that 30% of all traffic fatalities in Missouri involve drunk drivers.  The CDC has stated that nationwide, a person dies every 51 minutes from an accident involving a drunk driver.  For 2013, that meant over 10,000 people died in the United States because of accidents caused by drunk drivers.  Between 2003-2012, 3,314 people died in Missouri, and 3,866 in Illinois, because of such car wrecks. This holiday season do not become another Missouri or Illinois DWI /DUI car accident statistic.



  2. St. Louis County Officer Injured in Accident Involving Drunk Driver

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    KSDK news reports that early yesterday morning a Pine Lawn Police Officer was injured when a car driven by an Arnold, Missouri, man struck his police cruiser. It happened at a DWI stop near westbound I-70 and Jennings Station Road in St. Louis County, Missouri. As a St. Louis personal injury attorney, I see many drunk driving related automobile accidents. Accidents with drunk drivers cause an alarming number of injuries on Missouri roadways.

    According to the news article, the officer was standing outside of his car in Pine Lawn attending to another traffic stop. Apparently the officer had stopped another vehicle for speeding. Thereafter, the automobile being driven by the Arnold man crashed into the officer’s police cruiser. The officer tried to jump onto the car he had stopped to avoid being hit. He subsequently wound up with multiple injuries.

    In this case, the officer may have a personal injury claim against the drunk driver. Depending on the facts, the officer may also have negligent entrustment claims or dram shop liability claims.

    The officer injured may also have a claim under the Missouri workers’ compensation laws. Because it appears that the officer was in the course and scope of his employment, he may be entitled to benefits including the payment of medical bills and payment for temporary and permanent disability benefits. For more on Missouri workers’ compensation law, click here.

    Pine Lawn Officer Struck by Car at DWI Stop, KSDK, July 24, 2011

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